The Australian Pomegranate Association (APA) Strategic Plan provides a roadmap to guide pomegranate research, development, extension and market investment between 2021 and 2026. The Plan, which is driven by AgriFutures and the APA, involved an extensive national stakeholder engagement process. Pomegranate growers, researchers, advisors and industry representatives were surveyed and engaged. Along with the stakeholder consultation, the team reviewed Australian industry reports and the national/international literature to gauge research gaps.

The plan highlights key priorities and actions to grow our sector over the next five years.


If you are looking for an overview on the production of pomegranates in Australia then start by reading the information on pomegranates put together by Agrifutures Australia.

Also review this report by Di Davidson. This report is a few years old, but covers uses, production requirements, infrastructure requirements, harvesting and processing, markets and marketing, risks and regulations, publications and industry bodies.


A growth industry

In 2017, AgriFutures commissioned the Coriolis report, titled New Opportunities in New & Emerging Agricultural Industries in Australia. The report identified pomegranates as a high-potential industry for growth, which could reach or exceed a contribution to the Australian economy of $10 million in the next five years. Key drivers of growth include “super food” status, health benefits (antioxidants, dietary fibre, antibacterial properties), increasing demand from food service industry, traditional medicinal uses and counter seasonal supply. 


industry suppliers

The following businesses provide services to the pomegranate industry.

 Ellips Australia

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