About us

The australian
pomegranate industry

The Australian Pomegranate Association is the peak body representing and promoting the pomegranate industry in Australia.

Priority issues

The APA fosters research, development, extension and marketing for the Australian pomegranate industry. 

The APA Executive Committee are currently working on:

– Providing standards for best practice in all aspects of pomegranate production to ensure high quality control for Australian pomegranates. 

– Developing a profile of our consumers so that targeted campaigns can be run to raise consumer awareness. 

– Best practice disease management.

– Establishing specifications for supermarkets which suit our local fruit is a current priority. 

– Scoping new varieties to suit Australian conditions. 

– Advocating important issues such as biosecurity and export market development.






The APA is proud of its achievements to date. The organisation has engaged with research scientists to address producer concerns about dieback which has challenged the fledgling industry in the past decade. Association members have recently been granted ‘permit’ use of the fungicide Greenseal® by the AVPMA. This fungicide is used by the Australian wine industry as best practice management for treating pruning wounds to prevent the infection of trunk diseases.



A productive and profitable Australian pomegranate industry which delivers consumers a year-round supply of a consistent, high-quality and nutritious product.



To drive innovative research, development and extension programs which support growers and advisers to produce higher quality and higher yielding fruit.