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The APA fosters research & development and marketing & promotion of the Australian pomegranate industry. A priority project is to develop a profile of our consumers so that targeted campaigns can be run to raise consumer awareness. The development of new varieties to suit Australian conditions is also being pursued. Members can also be involved in industry advocacy on important issues such as biosecurity and export market development.

The new organisation has also engaged with research scientists to address producer concerns about dieback which has challenged the fledgling industry in the past decade. Best practice disease management is being established. Association members have recently been granted ‘permit’ use of the fungicide Greenseal® by the AVPMA. This fungicide is used by the Australian wine industry as best practice management for treating pruning wounds to prevent the infection of trunk diseases.

The APA welcomes new membership applications from all sectors of the industry. It has three levels of membership –
individual, corporate and association members.

Cost of membership is a $25 joining fee and an annual subscription of $100-
$250, depending on size of operation.

Australian Pomegranate Association – Rules of Association

The Australian Pomegranate Association Inc. was recently incorporated in South Australia, with the purposes —

(a) To serve as a national body that represents, protects, helps to advance and speak on behalf of pomegranate producers and the pomegranate industry;

(b) To promote the production, marketing and consumption of Australian pomegranates;

(c) To facilitate the development of a strong and profitable pomegranate industry Australia-wide, which has an export earning potential through action and representation to secure benefits calculated to promote the interest of pomegranate producers and the industry at both federal and state levels;

(d) To advance and protect the interest of pomegranate producers by seeking and disseminating information on matters of  interest, concern or assistance to pomegranate producers, and the Australian pomegranate industry;

(e) To engage in activities which will promote, aid and support the production of high quality pomegranates including the quality control of planting stock used in Australia, sound cultivation practices, the establishment of quality standards for the  production and grading of pomegranates, research into quality control, and the marketing of pomegranates;

(f) To seek and facilitate expert assistance and funding from government departments, statutory authorities, research  organizations and other bodies, organizations or individuals to facilitate research into all aspects of pomegranate production,  the establishment of industry standards, investigation of markets and marketing arrangements, to develop and strengthen  the Australian pomegranate industry;

(g) To collect membership fees and to use those funds for the promotion of the objectives of the Association;

(h) To collect research levies to subsidize research into all aspects of pomegranate production, quality control and marketing designed to assist pomegranate producers and the industry;

(i) To co-operate with other organizations, associations or bodies whose objectives will promote the interests of the Australian pomegranate industry.


Membership application:

Download APA Application form 18-19

A $25 joining fee is payable on successful application for Ordinary and Corporate membership, and a yearly subscription on a sliding scale from $100 – $250, depending on the scale of operations is then payable.

The first Annual General Meeting was held in Adelaide in April 2018 with the AGM scheduled for September each year.

Rules of association Australian Pomegranate Association Inc.

Contact: msandow@woc.com.au